about me 

Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Light Brown


Equity UK  

Actor's Guild of Great Britain 

Christian Entertainment Guild

Christian Women in Media Association 

Best Actress COLFF 2020
Best Song COLFF 2020

Outstanding Achievement Award Berlin Flash Film Festival 2019
Best International Song American Tracks Music Awards 2019

Merit Award Christian Family Film Festival 2019
Best Foreign Film 2020
Best Screenplay 2020

Best Mini-Film 2020


I aim to touch people's hearts, lives, souls through my work, to reach their very core through impacting performances and to point to the Way, the Truth and the Life. I want to boldly declare that there is hope and forgiveness available to everyone. Hoping is a very brave thing to do in this broken world and darkness has sniffed out the light in many people. With God's light and love in me, I aim to be a vessel to restore hope, to bring healing, to point the way to freedom and redemption and to shine a light and BE a light in the darkness of this world.
If only you will believe, then there is hope and abundant life for you.


[Partial List]

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Immanuel                     Lead                   Wencke Synak                                   2020


The Story of My Life    Lead                   Wencke Synak                                   2019


Cookie Jar                    Lead                  Julia Mota-Ferreira                            2018

Gelateria                      Supporting        Christian Seritiello                             2018


(Auf)gefangen              Lead                  Wencke Synak                                    2017


Forgotten                     Lead                  Mauricio-Gonzales-Maiz                   2015

Jimmy                           Lead                  Rachel Pell                                          2015

Without A Dowry         Lead                   Akerke Shatekova                             2015

The Champion             Lead                   Jaquelina Sarabia                             2015

Heels Are Welcome     Lead                  Mayme Chih-Hsin Huang                 2015


Popcorn                        Lead                   Lara Wilde                                         2012


Whisper                        Lead                   Jesse Jerry                                         2011


TV & New Media [Partial List]

ZDF Reihe Royale         Lead                   Volker Schmidt-Sondermann           TV Show, ZDF


National Treasures        Lead                   Stephan Anspichler                           Image Film

MyHostel                       Series Lead        Jonathan Behr                                   Pilot

Mission BackUp Earth   Lead                   Alexander Pfander                            Web Series

Take Me Home              Series Lead        Markus Austel                                   Web Series


The Vince Show             Guest Star         Nolan Silverstein                               Web Series


Model & The Freak       Guest Star          varies per episode                           TV show

Hand aufs Herz              Co-Star               Tobias Stille                                     Soap Opera


Last Trace Berlin            U5                        Züli Aladag, Edzard Onneken       TV show


GZSZ                               Co-Star               varies                                                Soap Opera


Berliner Bullen               Featured             Dominik Graf                                   Crime TV show


Berlin Tag & Nacht        Featured             Diverse                                            Reality TV Show


Die Stein                        Featured             Edzard Onneken                            TV Show



Temptation                  Lead         

To Die For Mandy        Lead        

Flambataster                Lead

Peer Gynt                     Supporting

A Fancy Dress Party     Supporting

A Winter Fairytale        Bit Part            



EnviaM                     Sons of Motions Pictures             Florian Arndt

Select Specs            Wagon Films Ltd                          Carlton Walls

Doritos Superbowl Spec Commercial


Credit Suisse

Sony Ericsson

Singer songwriter / singles

  • FOR US ALL THE TIME // HILLSONG CHURCH (Lyrics & Ensemble)

  • LONGING FOR HOME                    

  • FLY AWAY                                          

  • BE THOU MY VISION                       

  • RIGHT HERE                                     

  • O COME                                          

  • RAIN ON ME                                   

 Training & Workshops 

2018 Canvale Acting Studio NYC                        Seamus McNally                           On Camera, Scene Study Intensive         


2017 American Academy  of Dramatic Arts        Theresa Hayes                               Alba Emoting Technique       

2017 Scott Acting Studio                                     Seamus McNally                            Inhabiting the Scene

2017  Bühnenrausch                                             Karin Mietke                                   Improv                     

2017  Schott Acting Studio                                 James Kemp                                    Acting // Impulses   


2017  Schott Acting Studio                                 Ron Burrus                                       Camera Acting       


2017  Schott Acting Studio                                 Seamus McNally/                            Business of Acting      
                                                                               Nick Sandow


2017   Stagefactory                                              Oliver Kraatz                                    Acting for Film&TV  


2016   The Actor's Space                                     Robert Marchand                           Character Based Improv Masterclass​


2015   Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio             Nike Dougas                                   Scene Study 
           Los Angeles CA              


2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                       Jane Fleiss                                       Technique             

2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                        Ron Burrus                                      On Camera              

2015  Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                         Rob Nagle                                       Shakespeare           


2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                        Sean Spann                                     Voice & Speech       


2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                        Sean Cowhig                                   Improv                    

2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                       Jennice Butler                                  Movement                


2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                        Don Williams                                   Scene Study           

2015   Stella Adler AoAS L.A. CA                        Jen Albert                                        Stage Combat         


2013   Theater Acting Class                                 Gabriele Herz                                  Theater & Movement

 Special Skills 

-  Drive Stick Shift


- Princess for kid's birthday parties, events, hospital visits, etc.


- B.Sc. in Biology & Chemistry

- bilingual English (US) / German

- Knitting / Sewing

- Translating / Interpreting